Unexpected Christmas presents pt 3

I guess this is not really unexpected, because, come on, I am bound to be given books for Christmas. But one in particular this year has been sheer delight, and it is the Alexander McColl Smith book of photos of Edinburgh. I am loving this for all sorts of reasons; I love seeing pictures of… Continue reading Unexpected Christmas presents pt 3

The nativity is never finished….

Each year I write a nativity play for church. I love it. I love the fact that I can write it specifically for us, using the people who are there and working with their particular strengths, and that we can, to some extent, pick up themes from the year and work them into the script… Continue reading The nativity is never finished….

New possibilities and unexpected contacts….

I thought it would be so simple! (Well, ┬ánot really, but simple enough..) My current phone has taken to closing down at random moments, and also making phantom calls – some of which were rather embarrassing – so the time had come…. Well, actually, it had come some time ago, but I was in denial.… Continue reading New possibilities and unexpected contacts….

“Look at me, I’m a……”

He and his little sister were running round the park, in and out of the flower beds and the birds. “Look” he said as he stretched forward his head and bent up his arms “I’m a pigeon”.His younger sister squealed with laughter and copied him. They strutted round the park being pigeons, having a fantastically… Continue reading “Look at me, I’m a……”

Little by little…

Today, apart from walking around and appreciating the city in which I live, I also began to put furniture into the teeny-tiny house….the bathroom and kitchen now have their furniture, though all the dressing- soft furnishing, and stuff – still has to be worked out, sourced and put in place. But I am pleased with… Continue reading Little by little…