In which we consider how to make it work….

I’ve just had a couple of days away, so that Beloved Other could attend a match without having to be away on his own overnight. It was fun; we settled ourselves in a chain hotel, after an easy train journey, then he went to the match while I got a lovely evening to myself, with… Continue reading In which we consider how to make it work….


Tuesdays are not the straightforward days of my week – it is our drop in, coffee, social time, games events, lunch club thingy, called Tues@Bloom. I currently act as host for this. Which is a way of saying, other people all the hard work – the cooking, the washing up, the managing the money etc,… Continue reading Tuesdays….

Today’s bright thought….

It’s Ash Wednesday. It’s also Valentine’s Day. The coincidence of these two has provoked all sorts of daftnesses and delights. My favourite was the “valentine” doing the rounds on Twitter “Remember that you are dust; but very lovable dust!” But the coincidence of the two, together with the rather exciting time Beloved Other’s health has… Continue reading Today’s bright thought….