In which we consider how to make it work….

I’ve just had a couple of days away, so that Beloved Other could attend a match without having to be away on his own overnight. It was fun; we settled ourselves in a chain hotel, after an easy train journey, then he went to the match while I got a lovely evening to myself, with… Continue reading In which we consider how to make it work….

Unexpected Christmas presents pt 3

I guess this is not really unexpected, because, come on, I am bound to be given books for Christmas. But one in particular this year has been sheer delight, and it is the Alexander McColl Smith book of photos of Edinburgh. I am loving this for all sorts of reasons; I love seeing pictures of… Continue reading Unexpected Christmas presents pt 3


I really do try! I was told once that technology you come to after about 35 years old will always be effectively a “second language” – you may become pretty proficient,  but it will always not quite be the heart language. And this may well be true…but I do try. Then it gets to me.… Continue reading Humph!