More lessons from the teeny-tiny things

I’ve been doing teeny-tiny things again. I had a day off in London last week, and I “pebbledashed” the house, with sand and paint. It was fun, messy and deeply satisfying. I’ve been asked by a couple of people what I am “going to do” with this, and some of the others, when I finish.… Continue reading More lessons from the teeny-tiny things

From sport to butterfly brain….

I’m doing my usual dipping in and out of the Olympics – and my usual gasps of “how do you DO that” as I watch people with talent, skill, and above all dedication! do their thing. As one who seems to have absolutely no talent for anything physical (though Perfect Pilates teacher says I am… Continue reading From sport to butterfly brain….

Backs, knees and boompsadaisy!

Today, I have been with Charismatic Chiropractor and Encouraging Pilates Teacher. This is a regular appointment, but this month follows on from a session with Fantastic Physiotherapist. My knees finally drove me to my knees and then the GP and the GP suggested probably arthritis, sent me for an x-ray and a physio appointment. Fantastic… Continue reading Backs, knees and boompsadaisy!

In which we have the tidying of the study….

As will have become obvious if you read various things I put on social media, I am facing a great trial of tidying my study, and indeed, packing it up, since, for reasons of building maintenance, I have to move out and be peripatetic for a few months. Working perpatetically dopesn’t worry me in the… Continue reading In which we have the tidying of the study….