In which we consider how to make it work….

I’ve just had a couple of days away, so that Beloved Other could attend a match without having to be away on his own overnight. It was fun; we settled ourselves in a chain hotel, after an easy train journey, then he went to the match while I got a lovely evening to myself, with good food, a cheeky glass, and time for the kind of pampering that a girl enjoys.

And I got some work done.

He enjoyed the game, I felt very relaxed after my self-indulgent evening, and today we got the train back to where we belong, in time for me to do the things I need to do before Sunday. All in all, a success.

He is grateful I chose to make the journey, so that he could do what he wanted to. I am grateful he was happy to find a way to accommodate my anxiety without making me feel I am fussing too much.

Of such adjustments and listening to one anothers is loving and being loved made.

It’s not trivial, even when it is small.









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