At The Table

Today, I led Communion for the last time at the Big Church in the Smoke….it’s not the last communion service I will be present at, but given the pattern of our team preaching plan, I won’t be presiding again.

I have loved presiding at the Table. It is one of the privileges that I treasure. Even on the days when I am not sure why I am there, and whether I am a minister in any meaningful way, when I stand at the Table, I know I am in the right place.

I think it has something to do with the objectivity of the whole thing. I care deeply about what I am doing, and I prepare and try to ensure that I do it “well” – but, in the end, it is, in a way that is not so true of praying or preaching, not about me, and not dependent on me. It is a way I serve my people, that does not need me to be a particular kind of person, nor even to be “getting it right”.

I am there to speak of self-giving love, and the words and actions are given to me; I simply pass on what I have received, and respond to what is given.

There at the Table, in no small and trivial way, I affirm and experience loving and being loved.


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