Unexpected Christmas presents pt 4

I had intended this blog post to be about the delights of skating with the niecelets. However, the best laid plans…

While on the train to go and see the family, I had a call from a policeman to say Beloved Other had been taken off the plane he had just boarded (at least if was before the flight took off!), unconscious and was currently in an ambulance, on oxygen and nobody  could tell me what had happened.

As Douglas Adams did in HGTTG, let me say here that I am writing this by his bedside, where he is sleeping quietly and we hope he will be leaving hospital either today or tomorrow, with an additional set of pills, but otherwise none the worse…

But here’s where the unexpected gifts come in: the guard in the train who endorsed my ticket, added her phone number and got me off the train  to Edinburgh and on the next back to London, with the comment “if anybody queries it, get them to call me”: the next guard who not only didn’t query it, but saw to it I got a seat in an overcrowded train, and water and tissues; colleagues, friends and family who phoned, texted, came to get me off the train and got me to the hospital and negotiated the labyrinthine procedures to track down somebody whose name was wrong in the records: a and e staff who were endlessly supportive and effective: the nice policeman who phoned back at the end if his shift to see if we had been reunited and were both ok; more friends and colleagues and family who have been in touch regularly through the night and today to help contain my anxiety….

It’s going to be ok: different, but ok.

And I can’t say thank you enough…


UPDATE Beloved Other is home, we managed the service and lunch today, and it’s going to be ok. Different, but ok.

Again, thank you to everybody….


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