Chilly feet as theological insight…

My feet are cold!

I am sitting in my study, with the heating on as high as I can bear it, and it is working fine. But my feet are cold. I think there is a draft I cannot locate – except by my feet….

Tomorrow, I will bring in a blanket to wrap round my knees and legs.

I suspect there would be a more profitable way forward if I tracked down the draft. But, try as I will, it eludes me.

Because it is Advent, this inevitably brings me to a quasi-theological reflection; whatever Christmas is, it is elusive, hidden – but it makes a difference. I cannot ignore the draft, and the Christmas event is just as unavoidable. I could hide from it, by blanketing myself. But it will still be there.

I want warm feet.

But more than that, I want to hear the Advent cry “stay awake”















2 thoughts on “Chilly feet as theological insight…

  1. When the wind blows , the snow moves in eddies. Now here, now there. Not contiguously . And each whorl, in sequence, ( but not in a line ) whirls in the same direction. Until a cross draught comes along and blows the powder sideways. And suddenly there is no movement near, but some metres away, or it may be , half a mile away, I watch, as the dance begins again. My feet are cold..

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