Trying to keep up

Today started with a long walk; we were due on a train from Big City to slightly less Big City at 9.30, and walking across Big City is much nicer than trying to take the transport system at that time in the morning. So off we set, with me pulling a case.

Pulling the case means that it is less easy to hold hands. Beloved Other and I have always held hands as we walk since the days we were courting. It is mainly a sign of affection – but today, I remember why else we do it. Beloved Other is almost 9 inches taller than me, and considerably fitter. Therefore, he walks considerably faster! When we are holding hands, he slows down and I speed up, and we just about keep in step.

It wasn’t so easy today! Today, he was not held back, and I was not towed ahead – and we found ourselves drifting apart as we walked.

No big deal – I sounded pathetic and he slowed down, and it was fine.

But it has reminded me of the importance of “keeping in touch” in order to keep in step; not just with Beloved Other, but also with others. Patient Colleague and I notice when our coffee time isn’t happening, Creative Colleague and I have recently discovered how much better we work together since we have started making time to talk…..and so on. You get the picture.

Only, all too often, I forget. A lovely note from somebody last night, which has encouraged me greatly was also a reminder that I have not been in touch with that particular Sister-Friend as much as would have been enriching for me….and so on.

So, if I am not getting in touch with you, I am sorry. Please know it is not lack of care for you or treasuring of you. It is more to do with “pulling too many cases” and filling time and using energy on things that may not be so important, but somehow do seem urgent at the time.

And maybe, as the sabbatical starts, I might put some of the lack right…..


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