Dreams and identifying them…

The bad dreams have started again…. Not that I often have them, but they occur at significant points of transition. And I don’t always recognise what is going on. So, when I woke this morning in some distress and said “bad dream!!” Beloved Other – who is so much wiser than me – said “Yes, of course…you’re going on sabbatical for three months at the end of this week, and you are leaving altogether in less than a year; it’s going to be bumpy”.

And sighed. Because he has to deal with the aftermath.

He’s good – but it’s probably the first time he’s been this quick to identify what is behind the dreams (and, thinking about the actual dream, I reckon he’s accurate!)

So, I am hoping that, having identified what is behind the dream this quickly, we might avoid too many recurrences.

Or not.

But at least I’ll know what is going on, once I can force myself awake. And that is always helpful.


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