A new ambition…

We’re going to see “Bat Out of Hell; the Musical” in a few days (or as my new phone’s predictive texting calls it Bat Out of Help.! How do I switch off predictive texting….?) This is one of my all time favourite albums – I sat up in bed in middle of the night when I heard Paradise by the Dashboard Light for the first time. It just blew me away, and yes, I can sing every word to every song.  I regularly play it over the sound system in the church hall, loudly when I getting things ready for Tuesday Lunch – and turn it of when people start to arrive. So, I am looking forward to what I am told is a fun, if somewhat cheesy evening.

But now I have a new ambition.

Because one of my favourite senior couples, who come to our lunch club have just told me that they are going to see it for his 81st birthday treat.

Because they love the music.

And it’s not because children or grandchildren have introduced them to it, because they have none.

Somewhere along the line, this apparently staid, and gentle and quiet couple in their eighties have fallen for the lure that is Meat Loaf.

Which leaves me  a)trying to remember not to judge or assume that I know what is going on and b)wanting to be like them when I grow up!

“Like a bat out of hell, I’ll be gone when the morning comes……!”
























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