New possibilities and unexpected contacts….

I thought it would be so simple! (Well,  not really, but simple enough..) My current phone has taken to closing down at random moments, and also making phantom calls – some of which were rather embarrassing – so the time had come…. Well, actually, it had come some time ago, but I was in denial.

So, several times I had wandered into a phone shop and looked at new phones, and wondered – and wandered back out again, all the time fending off eager sales people.

But yesterday I had conquered one must-do-but-kept-avoiding task and was feeling in charge! So, into the phone shop and when the lovely young woman who was clearly on “welcoming duty” approached me, I didn’t run away or fend her off, but said “I need to replace my phone”.

And the madness started!

Actually, it’s fine, but if I needed confirmation that I am middle-aged, I got it yesterday. Two wonderful, confident, competent – and young! – people looked after me, listened to me as I said “no – I don’t need that” and then “oh, but I do need that” (in that case, unlimited texting!) and sorted me out with a new phone, transferred all my contact details and patiently explained to me how to work the beastie.

Then – then, I spent four hours in the afternoon trying to make it make sense, getting it set up for me, in my way, and downloading various apps.

It’s nearly there – though I suspect various people unexpectedly heard from me, as I tried to sort out contacts, and inadvertently made contact with people.

And therein lies the delight. Because quite a lot of them have responded, have sent me “waves”, and nice messages.

The point of the phone is to stay in touch.

And I did it by accident, and people responded.

And that is a delight! So, sorry if you heard from me by accident, thank you if you responded and apologies that, in general, I am not the world’s best correspondent. I would promise to try harder – but I daren’t make promises I won;t keep.

But who knows, once I get the hang of the beastie….!!


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