Safely outside the comfort zone…

I’m writing this as I sit at our reception desk in Worshipping Space in the middle of The Big City.

I am here, unusually, so that Esteemed Colleagues and Wondrous Volunteer can go and have a conversation.

It feels good to have enabled this, though it is possibly one of the roles in this community for which I am least suited; meeting and talking to strangers, helping people know where to go (with my sense of direction!?!) and managing a timetable. Yes, that would play well with my skill set…. 🙂

So far, it’s going ok. I have made coffee and tea for visitors, helped various people find appropriate rooms, and spoken to quite a lot of people I don’t know.

It’s always good to discover that things I believe I cannot do turn out to be possible after all!

I wonder where it might lead me next….?


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