A good man….


He is the kind of man about whom people will write many wonderful things and eloquent tributes – all of them deserved. I cannot really add to what will be said, but there is this memory that I treasure.

I was not finishing my thesis; I had been writing it for nearly 11 years. It was proving impossible to get it to the point of handing it over…. “You know the problem, Ruth? You don’t believe that it is good enough. It is. Trust yourself. Hand it in.”

He was spot on – both in his diagnosis and his remedy.

And now his embodied life is ended. I could make some cheesy remark here about “handing in,” but I won’t….only, that I am deeply grateful to have known him, and am sad I will not see his smile again, this side of glory!

To those who knew him so much more deeply and will miss him so much more, my love; Alan Kreider 1941–2017



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