A jolly holiday…with not-Mary-Poppins….

It’s the MayDay holiday, so what does a girl do?

Well, this one spends the morning reviewing an essay on humoral theory and its impact on early modern theatre (and doing the footnotes and bibliography – with only a little bit of shouting and hitting the desk! Boy, I hate footnoting….) and the afternoon in this wonderful placeWP_20170501_002which is the periodical room of the Senate House library, reading up on John Donne’s sermons, in order to write the next essay…

In many things in my life, I am unbelievably fortunate, but today, in this – that I share my life with Beloved Other who is content to let me use our holidays in studying.

Over the years we have been married (almost 33!!) I have taken countless days when, in another world, we would have gone out and done fun things, and spent them at desks or in libraries (or shouting at computers!)

And he doesn’t complain.

Even more than that, he gives me courage to keep going. Even when the footnotes are getting the better of me.

For this, (and much else!) I want to thank him….


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