Would that there were more time….

I have been reading a lot! There is a 4000 word essay due in on May 4th and another on May 11th – and each of them needs quite a lot of reading.

It’s been fun.

In a way.

The problem is trying to fit it all into a short time. It’s not that the I’m not enjoying it. I’m loving it! But I would like more time – not because I would like the essays to be further away, but because I keep finding things I want to read more on, and books I want to follow up, and articles I want to reread and understand more…..and there’s not enough time!

I am frustrated  – I want to have time to read!

But that’s the penalty of part-time…. and I can’t really complain. I chose this.

And I am loving it!

OK – back to the reading….


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