So many blessings

Tonight, I have enjoyed a lovely meal of pasta, melted cheese and mushrooms. I am watching a film of Pride and Prejudice. I have nobody to talk to and nobody talking to me. I will sleep in a comfortable bed and waken to a safe world. During the day, I have been safe and stimulated. It has been a good day of much accomplished, and interesting (if occasionally unexpected!) conversations.

I am so well off that it does not bear thinking of.

For so many blessings -seen and, even more, invisible. I am more grateful than I can say. That I so often miss seeing what is so good, and that I so often let myself concentrate on the little (and truly unimportant) niggles is a matter for deep shame.

But here and now, I will not indulge in the luxury of shame, but I will commit to the gratitude that cannot begin to cover the depth of the blessing.

Enough – this is sounding portentous! Simply to say “thank you!”


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