I am sniffing, spluttering – and being very silent – today. I have the cold, and have completely lost my voice. There is not even my oft-occurring husky croak; there is simply nothing.

It is exhausting and boring, and frustrating.

But it has not cut me off; Beloved Other is amazingly good (after many years) at interpreting my squeaks, hand gestures and facial expressions. This, twitter, email, whatsapp – and my beloved texting – have all meant that many conversations have happened today (indeed, some of the most on-goingly [is that a word?- well, you know what I mean] important conversations have happened just as they always do, since they don’t depend on my voice)

I will be relieved to have my voice back sooner rather than later. Preaching through the medium of interpretive dance – though suggested by several! – is not really my style – not even for Palm Sunday (Thankfully, an all-age service and so shared with Wondrous Colleagues) But today I am so grateful that I live in a context and among people that mean even when I can’t talk, I can still communicate!


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