So fortunate….

I have just returned from the last class of my final module of my MA.

It’s by no means over yet; there is still an essay for this module to write, and then the dissertation, and that isn’t handed in until September.

But still, it marks a staging post, and is just a moment to reflect how grateful I am – to class mates who have been interesting, stimulating, friendly and encouraging; to tutors who have been in love with their subject and able to communicate that and help me learn stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know, for libraries and theatres and books and online resources (especially online resources which means I can do the reading at odd hours!); to colleagues for not complaining that I am not always where, if I were not doing this stuff, I would be – and who do more than that by being actively encouraging, for friends and family who have listened to my enthusiasm; to Parental Parent in particular (what a fun sentence!) for providing books, and above all and always in it all to the once before named as infinitely patient, Beloved Other – who suggested I do this, who has not complained about the money and time it has involved and who is even now working out how to fit dissertation writing into all that I need to do over the summer n ways I appear to be unable to decide.

I am so fortunate…..


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