Grateful for our past selves

I met long-term, long-unseen Friends today; they are only in the country for a few days, and we managed a couple of hours in a coffee shop.

Much water under the bridge since we last met – we are all different people. And part of the conversation was the recognition of just how different we all are.

And here’s the moment of gratitude – well, two really. Firstly, that we recognised each  other and had the conversations we used to have, despite not having met for at least 12 years.

And that one gave me the huge gift of saying “you know that stuff you used to say [when I was a tutor and he was a student] – well, I find myself saying it now”

I am grateful to know that I managed to say some stuff that was worth saying – and even more grateful to those who knew me at the age I was when I was the  age he was when I first met him, and were able to say some stuff to me that changed me and stayed with me, so that I have become a link in the chain as I pass it on, and see in him and in her, for they are partners, two people I am glad to know, whose stories of Kingdom life I am delighted to hear, and whose friendship I value.


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