A thanks moment

The buses were nose to tail along the road and going nowhere. There were cars sounding their horns, and cyclists nipping into gaps, and lorries trying to push through; it was a chaotic and normal rush hour scene.

She had run to the bus-stop and missed a bus – she was now walking slowly and tiredly down the road. She stopped by a bus, standing in the queue.

The driver opened the door and let her on.

He shouldn’t have done it, he is not supposed to open the door away from the bus top, for very good safety reasons. But, hard up against the kerb, there was no danger. And he made her day better. It made me smile.

Today, I am grateful for people who will do something, even if it is technically not allowed, to make the world better; people who won’t hide behind “the rules say”, but will meet another person, and be kind.


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