Busy, busy, busy

It feels like a long time – it is a long time – since I have written. Life has been hectic. Good but hectic – and I feel like I have had little to say.

I ave noticed this; when life is very full, there is little to say because there is little time to reflect on what is happening. It becomes a matter of responding in the moment to each situation as it arises. An when there is time to slow down, I am so tired, and there is so much to process that doing it is overwintering and so I don’t.

And that’s ok.

It’s been busy but satisfying, and there have been good encounters and effective connection, and I’ve been what I needed to be enough of the time.

And today I have a day off and it’s wonderful, so I am enjoying it. I have spent the morning reading about blood and bodyparts on the Early Modern stage, and now I am off to a class to learn more about it.

That’s fun. And very different from the last few days.

I love the variety in my life…. 🙂


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