I’m not ready….

I have just spent 24 hours at a residential gathering of Significant Committee. It has been worthwhile, hard, fascinating and demanding work, with amazing people who are visionary, committed and determined.

I am tired!

I did a bit of foot stamping (very gently) about not being rushed into a decision, and others agreed. So, it was worth me being there (It was not quite, but almost the only thing I said in the meeting the whole time)

I have come to realise that one of the things I am good at is not rushing to a decision, and trying to stop other people from doing so. It’s not always a good thing; indeed, sometimes it is a very bad thing, since it can lead to paralysis.

But occasionally, it matters that we don’t give in to a sense of urgency, but notice the importance, and take time.

The wisdom is knowing when to go slow….a wisdom I long to learn.


Yes, I know…..


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