On eating elephants – and remembering how to…

I set out this morning to the library thinking “I have two significant writing tasks to do – and I don’t know where to start with either of them” And I followed that with the though “How on earth did I ever write a thesis – or a book – or the various other things I have written and am inappropriately proud of?”

I reach the late afternoon having more or less finished one, and made good inroads on the other, with a helpful sense of where it is going to go.

And also realising that – on these as on the others, now completed, how I have done it is two fold;
sit there and do it (as Filing Friend used to say to me when I was not finishing my thesis – JFDI, Darling, JFDI; not a personality analysis, but the exhortation “just F***** Do It),
and taking it in sections – like the old joke; how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

And now, having done enough, I get to enjoy the evening with friends. More than adequate reward 🙂


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