Hours of rehearsal or….

We had a wonderful Carol Celebration last night. Lots of amazing people putting lots of energetic skills into producing something fantastic and moving and welcoming.

At the end, Patient Colleague was thanking everybody, and commented on the hours of rehearsal.

There were  few wry smiles. The practicalities of living in The City means that getting together to rehearse is not straightforward. And so, rather than long hours of rehearsal, there are short moments of deeply concentrated working and the “performance” is, as well as a gift of skill and talent, also an exercise in trusting others. Because there has been little time to work on the material together, all have to trust that all the others will do their bit, and that it will come together.

It certainly did last night.

And it seems a good Advent practice. Doing our bit, and trusting others will do theirs and when it is all put together something wonderful will happen.

Joseph has to take the risk that Mary is telling the truth.

Mary has to trust the word of the angel.

And then the shepherds have to trust the choir, and the visitors from the East have to trust that the learned men of Jerusalem are interpreting their prophecies correctly…

And God has to trust that they will join in….

And somehow, it comes together.


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