Improvised Advent

Various arrangements have changed around me over the last few days – nothing new there, and nothing unusual, or specific to me; it happens to many of us at various points.

Reflecting on it in Advent has me wondering about God and plans; it’s not a new thought, but I wonder if Mary was the first person visited by Gabriel? Or simply the one who said yes? We can never know the answer to that, but it does offer a perspective on the “you have got to find God’s plan and follow it” motif that was certainly around when I was a student, and was at least in part the cause of a friend’s nervous breakdown, when she became convinced she had failed….

So today, I am wondering what Advent looks like when reflected on not from the point of view of a fixed plan which was carried out in every detail, but as a response, a to-and-fro between God and the people involved in which the creativity of God means the overall purpose is fulfilled, but the details are a matter of improvisation?


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