And breathe….

Today has been a day full of “bits” – all of them good bits, but all of them rather disjointed. I am grateful that I can do this, and delighted that my life is full of so many bits…and that they are rewarding, smile inducing, friendly and creative, which they have been today.

But I confess it does leave me rather – well, hassled is not the word, nor is frazzled, but perhaps scattered or uncentred. I do need breathing spaces.

We have a thing called “Breathing Space” as part of our Advent at church – well, when I say “we”, it is basically me (on odd occasions I am joined by others, but the delight is, it works when nobody else comes….I love that this can’t fail). It is making me wonder to what extent the whole of Advent could be a “breathing space” – not that it becomes entirely “retreat”; but what would it look like if, instead of being the rather busy, fun but frantic time that it  often is, it were to be a deliberate slowing down and noticing, breathing and watching….what would I see, as I look at the world, and at the preparation for the Coming that is not mine ot do, but to receive?


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