Wishing for a peaceful Christmas…

Every so often, I get involved in doing stuff that is not always easy, but really matters.

It is  a privilege to be involved in such things.

The latest is here


And I have discovered that to be involved in such things is to be involved in controversy and sometimes conflict.

For some reason this often happens at Christmas.

I caught myself wishing this morning that, just for once, I could have a non-controversial Christmas season. The last few years have been less than peaceful at this point, for various reasons.  I regret none of them. But I am aware of the cost, not just to me, but to ones I love.

So there I was thinking, wouldn’t a peaceful, non-controversial Christmas be nice.

And it occurred to me; Christmas is not non-controversial.

That’s the point.

Advent is, by it’s nature, bumpy, divisive and demanding.

Ho, and as they say, hum!


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