On the plans that don’t work….

I had a kind of thought in my head that I would try and blog each day in Advent. not anything major – just an attempt at a sort of discipline, a moment of stopping each day and noticing, and paying attention.

Well, that worked!

I’ve not yet reached December, and already it’s not gone well.

Not that it matters, really. Except that I am noticing that. And reflecting that as an Advent noticing, perhaps there’s something in here; all these plans and intentions, and then life happens.

It’s hardly an original thought – not even something I never commented on here….but when something keeps coming back, it is worth paying attention to. After all, Mary didn’t plan to be pregnant. Joseph didn’t intend to be a step dad. They certainly wouldn’t have intended a journey at that stage in the process.  Whereas, whoever it was that ordered the census did have a plan in mind, and whatever they thought they were doing with it, there was purpose and planning.

And whatever it was that happened, it is that God was in the unintentions. Not that there doesn’t need to be intentions and expectations.

But I would find it immensely comforting to think that it’s the not intentioned, the the that-didn’t-go-rights, and the whoops-what-happened-there moments that God is doing stuff that actually changes the world…

All credit, and all my admiration to the folk who see what needs to be done and do it (we were hearing about one on Sunday that just take my breath away – if you want to know more, check out the podcast on Bloomsbury’s site) I am so grateful to the folk who have the insight and the drive to do it.

But this Advent, I am going to hold on (tight) the possibility that in my muddle, mess and that isn’t what I meant to happen, God is acting too.


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