“You are not recognised…”

I sat down to write this this evening, and discovered I had been logged out.

And, worse, the password that I had so carefully noted down was rejected.


So, ok, it’s easy enough to change the password, and the very fact I am writing this now shows that even after a long day, and a lovely convivial evening, I am still able to master that level of technological interaction (not to be taken for granted!)

But now I am thinking about passwords, Advent, welcome and exclusion.

Logging in is just so easy – when it works. And doing it is dependent on being recognised, on being in the system, on having the right credentials. And when you haven’t, there is no way in, except through the system. And to be in the system, you have already to be accepted and recognised.

We are thinking through issues around refugees, and the people of movements of our generations, and how we live with this in our services this Advent. It’s a good theme t take as we tell the story of a middle eastern family driven to travel firstly by government decree and then to flee for their lives from violence.

And as we hear the stories and see the pictures of those who live this reality today, this reality of how the system – whichever system – works to protect those who are already safe, and to exclude those who are not.

I’m not sure, at this moment at night, that I know what  to do with this, except that that moment of frustration and powerlessness as I was locked out must become part of my prayers – small though it was and they are. If anything matters, this does.

So I am going to stop talking….





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