Remembering – or not!

The memory that popped up on facebook today has got me puzzled. I had clearly been having a bad day when I posted it in 2009. But now I can’t remember what it was. (I have a suspicion, but have no way to check, since I don’t keep a diary….)

This has led me to an interesting reflection. Somebody pointed out to me once, when  I commented that it was promising to be a hard day “that’s ok; you have a 100% record in surviving bad days…” Which is true. And even more than that; some years – or even months – I can’t actually remember what was difficult.

Things I have spent days, even weeks, dreading, being anxious about, trying to control and manage – several months later, I can barely remember.

Now – this may be deeply worrying. This may mean that I am paying so little attention to my life that I don’t know what’s going on…. Or, it may mean that what looks so huge and terrifying and demanding as it looms ahead of me, usually turns out – ok!

Now, there’s a comforting thought!


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