Whirlwinds and still spaces

It has been a smashing few days, full of people and fascinating conversation, interesting encounters and important moments.

And the operative word in that sentence is “full”.

I wouldn’t have changed a minute of it – but I would love to have spaced them out a little bit.

It has been a very effective reminder that I like to have spaces for – well, processing sounds a bit serious, but at least breathing, and noticing that I have made a transition rather than just blundering from one encounter and activity to another.

There’s been important and precious moments in all of this; listening to moving, stimulating and challenging presentations; meeting loved and new people; enjoying a walk in the sunshine through my favourite city; reading material that stretches my brain, planning interesting events, enjoying bringing people together, and dreaming.

But it turns out, I need the boring moments, the times when I am not doing anything productive, the walking from one place to another, or waiting for a bus – just time when, in the words of a tutor from many years ago – my soul can catch up with my body.

So, tonight, it is good to be home, to be quiet, to be disengaged.

And to let all the richness, the delight and the questions of the last few days find their place in me. Thank you….


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