Today, expected and unexpected….

Today has been a strange – and delightful – day.

I am at a conference, where, unexpectedly, I am chairing the sessions – glad I packed smart clothes and not the jeans and jumper option I first went for.

I have been meeting people who know me, even when I don’t know them – always a disconcerting experience. Especially the moment when somebody approached me and said “I was one of your students ten years ago, and I have been meaning to ask – what was the date of that Government act about marriage that you talked about?” (It was the Hardwicke Marriage Act he was meaning – and right there, right then, I could just about remember the relevant century!!)

I had breakfast with somebody I don’t see nearly enough, and heard sadness and joy that moved me.

Completely unexpectedly, I had lunch (after we established which hotel I am actually in!) with somebody I also don’t see nearly often enough – and had 24 hours ago had thought I wasn’t going to see for another lifetime…. (And if you’re reading this, thank you!)

And I have been moved, challenged and stimulated in my thinking by the papers and the questions – which I did expect, but which is utterly delightful nonetheless.

And all of this is happening in my favourite city; I’m in Edinburgh!

All in all, a good day.

And now, I am very tired.





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