Blessed are those who expect nothing….

It’s one of the favourite sayings of Guard-Dog Friend; blessed are those who expect nothing for they will not be disappointed.

And when plans were changed yesterday  and the other person involved asked was I disappointed, I went with yes – but woke this morning realising that I wasn’t, in fact. Because, in that instance, and in quite a lot of others, I had made plans with the assumption, unspoken, but real, that they were not going to come to pass.

Not that I am cynical, or indeed, bitter about this. It is really rather fun – and the product of experience. I make plans, but more often than not, what I plan and what actually happens bear little relation to each other. Because stuff happens. People’s priorities change, public transport won’t play, events overtake, illness intervenes, different demands appear; very little of it is personal, to do with me in the sense that people are actively choosing NOT to do what was planned – stuff happens and plans change.

So, as it happens, and without intending it, I find I am more likely to be pleasantly surprised when what was planned is what happens rather than disappointed when it doesn’t.

Unless what doesn’t happen somehow should have involved chocolate…

So – I can be frustrated, or sad, or confused.

But rarely disappointed. But I am learning – in a positive, life-embracing and freedom giving way – not to expect to know what is going to happen.


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