Lessons from a new skirt

I wore a new skirt and jacket/cardigan on Sunday. It’s an outfit I love; a navy skirt and a cardigan in shades of turquoise and blue.

Many people commented on how well it looked, and particularly the jacket. As I heard and responded to the compliments on the colour and style of the cardigan, I found myself commenting also on the skirt.

Which nobody noticed.

But which was necessary to the outfit – not just because if I was not wearing it, being in the pulpit would have been a public scandal, but because the solid, stable and “quietly unassuming” colour of the skirt was the perfect foil for the more “flamboyant” cardigan.

Without the skirt, the cardigan would not be shown to its best advantage, and I would not look as appropriate as I apparently did.

Recognising this really helps me understand my place in the world.

I like my navy skirt!


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