A little thing…

I love the saying “if you think you are too little to make a difference, trying sharing a room with a mosquito”. Since every time I have shared a room with a mosquito, I have come off worst!

I ha a bad day yesterday – some little bug got into my system, and I spent the day languishing near the plumbing system (I am deeply grateful for indoor and effective plumbing!!) I am practically back to normal today – just a little washed out.

But it has had me thinking about the relative size of bugs (I know there’s a technical term, but I’m not sure what it is) and me – and how easily the buglet laid me low. And how much damage such bugs do to so many people, and how fortunate I am to have so much that made my day bearable.

And there’s much more to think about here – about little words that make or break, small actions that change the world, unnoticed connections that enrich or impoverish. When my brain is working again, I’ll think about it all.

Today, I am just glad that it was only a small bug, and that I have so much care and support, a choice of foods, good plumbing and a comfortable bed.


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