Lessons from nail polish!

I am not known for my attention to detail and deep-seated need for everything to be just so. Indeed, when, in a sermon, I made reference to an affirmation on a gravestone and how lovely I thought it was, Beloved Other later remarked that any grave marker I had would be squint, cracked and say “It’ll do” And he’s right. As long as I am clean and decent, neatness and perfection of presentation are not high concerns. (I live by my Scot’s Granny’s statement regarding ironing – if they are close enough to see the crease, they’re too close; she would always be neat and beautifully turned out, but had a high value on personal space!)

But today, I have discovered an area where it has to be right – and it has been a great lesson in empathy.

I have painted my nails green – a risky thing after I was told as an adolescent that green nails made look as if I had gangrenewp_20161015_0011and this is how it looks.

Except for my thumb…..wp_20161015_0021

When I arrived at the place I had to be ALL DAY (that is – with no chance to get this horror sorted!) I discovered that the polish was chipped.

It has bothered me all day.

It has felt like an itch inside my brain that has distracted and irritated me in the middle of everything else I was doing – and what I was doing really mattered to me.

So, I have been learning today the effect that my rather lackadaisical approach has on others around me at times.

I promise to do better!

And now I am going to repair the varnish, and pack the bottle in the bag I am tking with me, when I have to be out all day tomorrow!


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