Possibly the only time I will quote Kierkegaard!

Been a bit quiet in my corner of the blogosphere recently….not that there has been nothing happening. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Some of it’s been tough, most of it has been just great. But all of it has been rather frantic.

And that has meant no time to sit and write about any of it.

Well, to be strictly accurate, that has meant I have not chosen to sit and write about it.

Or think about it.

Somebody quoted the Kierkegaard phrase at me the other day; “life is lived forward but understood backwards”. And that is, I suspect worthy of reflection.  But as well as that, life is understood in taking time at least to reflect on what is going on and what responses and reactions are emerging.

And while this blog is an interesting (for me!) way of doing this, it is not the only way. But it has struck me that not sitting down to write this is a symptom of not thinking/reflecting/processing some of this stuff that has been happening.

So – the discipline of the blog seems to have become part of my discipline of actually thinking!

Looks like I better get back to it then….


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