Overwhelming, but not overwhelmed

Definitely back at work now – first staff team meeting today, and much caught up and planned. As always, I am deeply grateful for Patient Colleague, Creative Colleague and Reflective Colleague.

It is good to be getting back into the rhythm and to be reconnecting with the passion that keeps me here in the Big City.

But the first couple of days are always just a bit much – and I wonder why I am doing this.

I realised this time (why did it take me so long???) that one of the overwhelming things, indeed perhaps the most overwhelming thing about coming back is dealing – trying to deal – with two weeks worth of emails, news, events and people’s conversation all at once.

I mean – why would I do that?

Why would I think that a good way of picking up the reins of what is demanding role was to do everything NOW!

For various reasons, I have had to pace it slightly differently this time – and it is still overwhelming. But not so much.

Lesson noted.

Whether it is learned remains to be seen 🙂



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