Teeny-tiny things…

I need to  introduce another category to my blog posts; as well as my 1/12 dolls house, and my 1/24 seaside scene that I am building, I am now beginning work on a garden setting (which may end up having a house as well,) in 1/48 size; that is 1/4 inch to a foot – or 1 inch to 4 feet ratio.

This may defeat me….

But so far, I have a table and four chairs. The kit looked like this;WP_20160820_004

and I have managed to make thisWP_20160821_003

I am very proud that I did it without too much bad language. 🙂

I currently have one other kit and a box to make the base and sides; I intend to put together a fantasy garden. Well, I haven’t got the space for a real one, and while in the middle of The City, it is beyond our means. And I am not gardener. But I just might turn into an imaginer….

And I might learn to take better photos too!


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