Beloved Other has just commented that I should be enveloped in bubblewrap, for my own safety. This is because I currently have a nasty twisted ankle from a fall yesterday, a painful swollen knee from a bad wrench, a colourful variety of bruises from walking into things because I wasn’t paying attention, and rather more midgie bites than any girl should have, since if there is a midgie in the area, I am immediately dish of the day.

There have been times when, to his great credit, and to my great relief, Beloved Other has indeed protected me, often from my own mistakes or misjudgments. But to his immense credit, he has never done it inappropriately. I suspect this has taken great restraint on his part, as he has watched me mess up, and let get on with it, and then been there to pick up the pieces.

Inappropriate protection is always a temptation, and rarely ends well; all too often, it leaves somebody disempowered, and diminished. There have been too many occasions when I have tried to bubblewrap people, often to make myself feel better, to protect myself from their discomfort, or to ensure that I look good.

I don’t want to be overprotected – and I want to learn not to overprotect others. People are not supposed to be bubblewrapped; it is suffocating…


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