Life lessons from a museum…

I have spent this afternoon going round the Museum of Brands and Packaging with a group.

It has been fantastic; all cries of it “doesn’t that look funny” and “I have never seen anything like that” through to “my mother had one of those” and (somewhat disconcertingly!) “I had/have that”….

It is really beautifully laid out to lead you through the time-journey and not so much that you get lost.

Can you tell I loved it?

And apart from the delight of seeing and learning, there was also the thought about just how much “stuff” there is, in my world – stuff I take for granted. Seeing the way packaging for a favourite had changed – gently, subtly, but when viewed side by side quite unmistakably – was fascinating.

And on the way home I find I am thinking about how much stuff in my head and guts is dealt with the same way. It doesn’t disappear; it changes, it moves ever so gently, it takes a different shape or colour, but it’s still there.

And that could be frustrating or depressing, but today, because I have been having fun, I am choosing to view it as a good thing; that stuff I value and depend on never goes away. It may alter, but it’s still there, for when I need it.

Now, there’s cheering….


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