So where do you sit?

I am still sharing the delightful privilege of attending the gathering of the Admired and the Esteemed as we reflect together on Bits of Baptist History. Each day, we have gathered in the same room, set out in roughly the same configuration to listen to people speak.

And each day people have sat in more or less the same same seat. Not entirely – in fact, lets be honest here; most people have moved around a bit.  But I haven’t. I have sat in the same seat for all bar one of the sessions.

Not only that,  but I realised this morning, I have sat in the seat of power. Which is to say, I am right in the middle of the room, and right in the eye-line of the speaker.

I didn’t mean to take such a powerful place. When I first sat in it, there was somebody in front of me, and I was pretty shielded. But that person, being more adventurous than me, has inhabited a variety of seats. But not, on the whole, the one in front of me.

So there I am, right in the middle, there whenever the speaker looks up. I have tried to look encouraging…..but still. I don’t think I got that one right!

But it has made me think about position, and place and how we choose it – and what we do with it. Or more to the point, what I do with it.

So many of the places I am in or put in, or choose to go into are very powerful places.Some are inherent in whatever role I am fulfilling at the time. Some are consciously chosen. But some I forget to think about.

It would be good to think more about it – for there are significant implications about where we place ourselves in relation to others, and to shared space.

It’s late – I’ll think more tomorrow…..



2 thoughts on “So where do you sit?

  1. I didn’t know that about the position of power! I always sit in front or on edge because I am short and can’t see if I sit elsewhere!

    1. That being able to see thing was actually my reason for sitting where I sat. I think it wasn’t so much the front aspect but the “right in the middle and in your eyeline” aspect that struck me as so powerful; kind of “I’m watching you and you can’t get away from me…” 🙂

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