In which we wonder how did I not see that…?

You know that moment when you suddenly go “oh! That’s what it is. How did I not see that?”

I’m going to take the risk that it’s not just me that that happens to (I’m going to feel silly if it is 🙂 )

Anyway – that. Nothing huge, and all a bit muddly to write down, and actually what mattes is not what it is I’ve noticed – it is that I have noticed. It was obvious, and yet I hadn’t seen it. And now that I see it, I feel rather daft for not having seen it, for it will make life a bit easier, and that means it has been unnecessarily hard recently. Which has been a waste of energy!

But it also strikes me that, assuming it is not just me, there is something important to notice in how I communicate with others. Others would much more easily see what it has taken me far to long to see; so those things I see easily, and wonder why others don’t…..Well, maybe I’ve just noticed something else I should have seen before.

Goodness me, this making sense of the world is never-ending!




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