Podcasts and prayer

I have recently been directed towards several podcasts that I might find interesting. And as I look at them, I am interested.

But when I try to download them, I discover that the necessary software (I think….) is not available for my listening device.

I am sure there is a way around this, but my tech skills are not quite up to it. And more to the point, I don’t really have enough time to investigate at the moment.

I am, instead, as a good preacher (for a given definition of good!) reflecting on the sermon illustration in this experience. There is that which I want to hear. There are those who want to say it to me. But my “receiving equipment” is not appropriate…. There is definitely something here about prayer, about encourage, about trying to find a sermon (guess what I should be doing this afternoon)

Something – but I am not going to labour the point. Instead, I am going back to wrestling with the text for Sunday morning. There is a truth here to say – if I could only hear it!




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