Peripatetic working

Two days into working without a study at church – and it’s going well! Yesterday, I spent the day in the study at home, and got a lot done. Today, I had a meeting in the city (doesn’t that sound good; Wonderful Churches Together Treasurer works in a bank in the Square Mile, so I went to meet him near his work) then a walk to a place to write, then a walk to church and several appointments there.

And I feel like I am getting a lot done. Finding places where I can get online is as easy as I expected, and since Patient Colleague is on holiday at the moment, I can use his office when I need to see people in church.

I am aware of missing out on various “casual contacts” in the church building; but since they are not my strong point, this is not so much of a disaster as it might be. And oddly, I am concentrating better on the things I need to write when I am not in the study, but sitting in the middle of people having conversations and doing stuff that has no relevance to me at all.

Which I kind of knew from previous experience, but is interesting to find out again.

I could get to like this….


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