Backs, knees and boompsadaisy!

Today, I have been with Charismatic Chiropractor and Encouraging Pilates Teacher. This is a regular appointment, but this month follows on from a session with Fantastic Physiotherapist. My knees finally drove me to my knees and then the GP and the GP suggested probably arthritis, sent me for an x-ray and a physio appointment.

Fantastic Physio looked askance at the suggestion that I have arthritis – and reassured me that what is actually going on is misaligned kneecaps, caused by overdevelopment of one set of muscles and the consequent weakness in other muscles. Thus, the strengthening of the weak muscles should ease the issue with my knees and make stairs simply a fact of life, and not a daily terror.

All good, and I am doing my exercises with enthusiasm. And, in the interests of joined up treatment, I reported all this at my appointments today. The information was well received, and the treatment and exercises adapted to take account of it all.

Part of the chiropractic treatment always involves discussing what is going on and why certain reactions are showing up in my body. So, we started wondering why my knees had got so painful and in particular why certain muscles had overdeveloped (indeed, I find it most amusing that I have ANY overdeveloped muscles – not what would be expected of me…!) As we worked out timings, and reflected on how well my back is now in comparison with what it was, we came to an interesting conclusion.

The pain in my knees has increased in proportion to the decrease in pain in my back (which had been chronic and life-style-interfering for quite a while!)

Which then led us to the tentative conclusion that perhaps as my back had been restored to its proper shape and balance, my knees, which had adapted to cope with and try to minimise the pain in my back, were as a result thrown out of balance, and ended up in the state they are at the moment.

Which is to say; my knees had adapted to the damage in my back and as it has recovered, they are left out of shape and are complaining.

And now they will be put right (ish)

And what will I notice next?

But even more, I am wondering in what other parts of life adapting to mishape or distortion travels through the system…as I change certain behaviours because I discover that they are not serving me well, or because I have discovered I am fighting a battle I no longer have to engage in, are there other forms of adaptation that will then begin to show up as less than helpful, and out of shape? And will there therefore be more to change?

And yes, the answer is plenty!

This growing up thing is hard….


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