On the chaos of tidying…

I am in the process of emptying my study so it can be inhabited by others during our building works.

This is fine. I knew it was going to happen, and while it has been a great improvement on the room I was originally in, and from that point of view I love it, I know I will be quite happy in another room.

I also know that it is a good thing to sort stuff out, and that as a chronic clutterer, doing this kind of move on a relatively frequent basis would probably be a good idea anyway.

I know all that.

It doesn’t make it any more fun.

Fortunately, Beloved Other came and sat with me this morning as I tackled a particularly scary pile of paper. he actually didn’t have to do anything except keep me company while I made some decisions – and look mildly disapproving when I attempted not to make a decision (I made it!)

There is still a way to go. The room currently looks very messy and chaotic – and as such is pretty uncomfortable.

Beloved Other tells me this is a good thing; it means I take seriously the need to keep moving. He knows (all too well!) that I can live with untidyness – but he also nkows that I can’t live with nott feeling at home. So, he is making sure I don’t feel at home with the current mess.

All of which reminds me just what a gift it is to have people and a person, around who knows me, cares for me, and will be tough with me – not harsh, but not indulgent.

So, in the midst of the mess, the irritation and the weariness of doing this, I am grateful for the gifts I have been given.


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