40 years on…

I know it’s a title of an Alan Bennett play,  but it’s also the time since I was baptised; 40 years ago today.

A lot has happened.

I certainly had no idea  when I was baptised, that some day I would be baptising….. women didn’t do that kind of thing!

I’m not even sure I even thought I would one day be forty years older than I was that day.

Just before the service, Magnificent Manse Deacon, who was one of the sponsors for my baptism said to me” there will be points when you wish you had waited; when you think “I know better what is happening – now is the time when I should be baptised” – but you can always find better times. Whar matters now is that this is the planting of a seed; and the plant will grow. There will always be more to know, more to understand, more to learn.”

And she was so right.

Always more to know, more to understand, more to learn.

I am grateful for those who made it possible for me to get to that day 40 years ago – and to those who have kept me company since then,

I wonder what the next stage of the journey will be?



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