In which we have the tidying of the study….

As will have become obvious if you read various things I put on social media, I am facing a great trial of tidying my study, and indeed, packing it up, since, for reasons of building maintenance, I have to move out and be peripatetic for a few months.

Working perpatetically dopesn’t worry me in the slightest. (Though most people assume that is the hard bit) What terrifies me is the tidying and packing. It is literally keeping me awake at night!

Beloved Other is, even now, on the way up the stairs, to help me think about how to do it, and give me some clues about the process.

May the mercy that sustains the world hold us!

It’ll be fine; I know that. But this is also true….2016-05-28 12.11.15.jpg


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